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A recent survey of machine learning professionals concluded that about 40%-60% of the interviewed professionals abandoned their Data Science projects because they were not able to manage the full life cycle process of their Data Science projects.

In Comet for Data Science you will learn how to complete your Data Science projects and make them successful.

“As a data journalist, Dr. Lo Duca guides the reader through the ML development journey with Comet, from exploratory data analysis through model deployment, showing the process of creating business value.”

Gideon Mendels, CEO and Founder, Comet.

What you will find in the book...

Getting Started with Comet

  1. An Overview of Comet
  2. Exploratory Data Analysis in Comet
  3. Model Evaluation in Comet

A Deep Dive to Comet

  1. Workspaces, Projects, Experiments and Models
  2. How to Build a Narrative in Comet
  3. An Overview of DevOps concepts
  4. Extending the Gitlab DevOps platform with Comet

Examples and Use Cases

  1. Comet for Machine Learning
  2. Comet for Natural Language Processing
  3. Comet for Deep Learning
  4. Comet for Time Series Analysis

Track, Monitor and Optimize your Data Science projects with Comet for Data Science.

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